On top of the game by Bram Reijnders
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On top of the game 2020

Bram Reijnders

WoodMixed mediaEpoxyBoardPlastic
100 ⨯ 150 cm
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Okker Art Gallery

  • About the artwork
    The layered works of artist Bram Reijnders (1974) are the answer to the question ‘what is reality?’, Which he asked himself in response to the world around him in which advertising, political play, media hypes and self-glorification through social media give distorted images to the public.

    Reijnders’ work dialogs with contemporary society through our cities, cultural differences, and our icons. This conceptual aspect of his work transcends inspiration which manifests in his images.

    With his outspoken photography he creates a “visual language”. The artist is constantly exploring our liquid post-modern society with enthusiasm. Edges that shine and crack are the limits where world-famous characters, childhood reminiscences emerge. Creating a compelling aesthetic result.

    Reijnders intimate artistic influences are fed by the intensity of abstract expressionism and the pop dimension of everyday products, news and objects. In his photographic works, the artist provides a glimpse in time when ordinary, lonely places and objects gain an emotional quality.
  • About the artist

    Bram Reijnders was born in 1974 in Eindhoven. He currently works and lives in Rio de Janeiro.

    Bram Reijnders is an expert in showing us a surreal universe so much more beautiful than our reality through luscious women and cartoon figures taking up all your attention in a shameless promotion of extravagant poses, slogans and glitters. Mixing these with cartoonesk elements he describes his own work as “Much too much”.

    Reijnders has only been working as an artist for a few years but is already much acclaimed and his work is represented by galleries in Los Angeles, Miami, Sao Paolo, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Berlin and Singapore and was featured in over 15 international art fairs. Reijnders was best-selling artist at a recent New York art fair and will show his work with Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, as well as Christo.


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