Pain by Brita Seifert
Pain by Brita Seifert
Pain by Brita Seifert
Pain by Brita Seifert

Pain 2017

Brita Seifert

CanvasPastelPencilColoured pencil
80 ⨯ 60 cm
€ 3.750 - 3.950

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  • About the artworkAbout artwork & Artist
    "Pain" Pastel Coloured pencil on canvas
    Unframed 90 x 60 cm Framed 100 x 70 cm
    Born in 1963 in Leipzig.
    1982-85 Study at the Hochschule für Graphik & Buchkunst Leipzig in the Drawing Class.
    1999 – 2002 CimData-Akademie Berlin – Media Designer.
    Since 2012 I´m working as a freelance artist. 2013 I opened my private art school, where I teach
    3 times a week the art of drawing and painting.
    My art is about desire, the desire to show through an feminine style how women can see
    themselves if they choose. This idea stands in complete opposition to the proletarian and rather
    masculine art of East Germany where I grew up. This has become a visual response to my early
    life experience: like a gesture of artistic liberation. My paintings aim to fulfil a quest for beauty
    and luxury, which I was denied when growing up in Eastern Europe.
    I started my arts life by taking life-drawing classes at 17 and have since developed an intense
    interest in several techniques of drawing, in the human shape, particularly the female form. It
    has taken me almost 40 years to realize my calling in life and become a full time artist.
    With my work, I have a strong desire to portray everyday women in a glamorous way. My
    models come from all walks of life, but on canvass they get to be superstars, divas, temptresses,
    goddesses and heroines. I particularly want woman to feel good about themselves, through my
    art. I want to show the world how beautiful they are. I want people to feel the love and
    tenderness that I have for my subjects in every drawing/painting.
  • About the artist

    Brita Seifert, Sorceress with pastel and colored pencil

    In every work she tries to incorporate a recognizable emotion, often things from daily life with a certain expressiveness that is highly relevant
    to the fantastic, erotic and magically realistic images. Brita's work is mainly inspired by music, travel and personal experiences.

    Brita Seifert started drawing with pencil and paper in 1980, she first drew models for three years before she was admitted to the academy
    for graphics and illustration in Leipzig, where she was a student of Prof. dr. Heinz Wagner and Werner Hennig.
    From 1988 to 1989 she also attended the Academy of Visual Arts in Berlin. From 1989 to 1992 Brita Seifert lived in Italy and
    was inspired there by Leonardo Da Vinci and Albrecht Dürer, among others, but also by contemporary painters such as Bruno Di Maio and Walter Girotto.

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