Planting the Stars by Lizette Luijten
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Planting the Stars 2019 - 2020

Lizette Luijten

Oil paintPaint
150 ⨯ 120 ⨯ 3 cm
€ 11.900

Art-Gallery The Obsession of Art

  • About the artwork
    Original painting oil on canvas 150 x 120 cm y 2019-2020
  • About the artist

    The Spirit
The emotion comes to you in layers. Lizette plays, fights, dances, cries, rejoices and surprises with emotion. The layering of her works is the metaphor of her quest. In man, in life, in herself. Fully prepared for sacrifice, devastating dedication, intense conviction and unbridled perseverance. Looking, tasting, working to the nucleus, the heart, the being. The magical belief in the existence of all-connected love. Her works are just as many beacons in the sail of all people, realizing that we are together the children of our future.

    The Art
    Adapting the old masters techniques, Lizette shows her own mastership. For her core theme, Love, She always finds her inspiration in the being of people, the essence of life. And with the great masters Rembrandt van Rijn or Robert Heindel. Like them, she puts her brushes in fountainheads of emotion. Works of Lizette Luijten are presented by leading international galleries and is represented in important public and private collections. The Obsession of Art represents Ben-Or exclusively in Europe.

    Market feedback
    • Gorgeous, the power of the important accents, surrounded by such harmonious ambiances. Goosebumps!!
• Overwhelming romance. Friendly and strong. Harmonious and heartbreaking
• This is what art is meant to do for me. It shakes me and comforts me. It is intriguing and opening views on unexpected, beautiful new horizons in one magical energy.

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