Portret of Willy Gordeau by Isaac Israels
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Isaac Israels

Portret of Willy Gordeau 1917

CanvasPaintOil paint
60 ⨯ 45 cm
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About the artwork

1917; oil on canvas, France.

60 x 45 cm

Portrayed by many names are not known. This wonderful portrait, however, has a name, Willy Gordeau. She is a Hague, born in 1893. In 1922 she married John Lohmann, a Hague art dealer. The couple sets up a few years later in a houseboat, which also serves as kunsthan- agent. Cruising they can do many cities. What they sell it? Divers pottery, rugs, lamps and paintings.

Isaac Israels and Willy Gordeau corresponded with each other. I quote from a letter of June 1919; Willy If you have time sometime between 9-10 then I would really like to see you here in white, as soon as possible, as the sun shines, maybe morgenocht- end? Many greetings, Isaac. Not mandatory!
Besides this beautiful penetrating portrait he painted a reclining nude Willy Gordeau. She is lying on a sofa on which a white cloth is draped. And it is Isaac Israels succeeded Willy paint in white. That cloth she runs with her white dress and hat, pink shawl wrap at the Pier of Scheveningen.

Collection J.M.P. Glerum, Amsterdam, 1918
Isaac Israels, Anna Wagner, in 1985.
Pictured on page 131
Isaac Israels, The Hague Sunnyworld of a Cosmopolitan, Dolf Welling, Van Voorst van Beest Gallery, The Hague, 1991. Pictured on page 68
Isaac Israels in The Hague, Willemien de Vlieger-Moll, 2012, page 74, as depicted lying naked.

About the Artist

Isaac Israels was born in Amsterdam in 1865, the son of the painter Jozef Israels. Early in his life, his family moved to The Hague. During his life as an artist Isaac exchanged ‘the grey' pallet of the Haagse school (the Hague school) for a more colourful and lively pallet.
Israels was associated with the Amsterdam Impressionism movement.
Between 1880 and 1882 he studied at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, where he met George Hendrik Breitner who was to become a lifelong friend.
He returned to Amsterdam where he was asked to join the Kring der Tachtigers (the group of Eighty). Cityscapes featuring Amsterdam and Parisian street life, fashionable ladies, the interiors of cafés and sewing workshops are amongst his most popular scenes. He is considered to be one of the most important Dutch impressionists.
Isaac Israels died in 1934 in The Hague.