Prima Luce by Thomas Junghans
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Prima Luce 2015 - 2020

Thomas Junghans

36 ⨯ 17 ⨯ 20 cm
€ 6.300

Morren Galleries Utrecht

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Thomas Junghans st. Graduated from the City Academy and the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht. Then at the Fachhochschule in Aachen. He makes sculptures in stone, wood and especially bronze. Like a master he leaves the materials in their value. His images often remain as timeless archetypes, with great primitive power. Many portraits in wood and bronze have long been at the heart of his oeuvre. Large sculptures are carved in wood and then cast in bronze. He paints the mother statues / originals and these remain in his own collection. Thomas Junghans and Siiri Spronken (daughter of Arthur Spronken) are an artist couple.

Thomas Junghans deliberately cultivates the practice of not overdoing something in his work. In his creations, Junghans maintains the materials in their primal form. With an affectionate eye for the unfinished nature, Junghans creates abstracted sculpted heads, which are earthy, harsh and tender at the same time.



1956                   Born in Recklinghausen

1979 – 1981       Stadsacademie Maastricht/Netherlands

1981                   Jan van Eyck Academie Maastricht/Netherlands

1982 – 1985       University for applied sciences in Aachen with Lutz Brockhaus und Wilhelm Schürmann

since 1981          Continuous exhibitions in Europe



Thomas Junghans, Skulpturen, 2002

Thomas Junghans, Suiten, 2008

Thomas Junghans, Das Portal von Sankt Gangolf, 1995