Sleeping Beauties by Michaela Kindle
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Sleeping Beauties 2020

Michaela Kindle

80 ⨯ 80 ⨯ 3 cm
€ 1.900

Gallery 54

  • About the artwork
    Sleeping Beauties is a photo from the series 'New Moments' from the photographer Michaela Kindle.
    The photo is on HD Finish aluminium with forex where colours are burned into the aluminium plate. Colors are guaranteed 25 years and the photo can hang in the sunlight without changing color.
    Size is 80 x 80 but bigger sizes available;
    Edition 9 and 3 EA
  • About the artist

    Michaela Kindle is a photographer born and raised in Germany who studied photography in Los Angeles. During her time in Los Angeles and London she discovered her passion to create 'new moments': digital compositions of images that mix reality and imaginary world, silence and action, past and present.

    With her surreal themes she creates images in which dreams and fairytales merge into 1 image.

    In the series "Fragments of a Forgotten Symphony", Kindle collaborates with the photographer González.

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