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'Superiority' 2020


80 ⨯ 80 ⨯ 3 cm
€ 1.900 - 4.000

Gallery 54

  • About the artwork
    HD Finish aluminium op forex.
    afmeting: 80 x 80 cm; 100 x 100 cm; 120 x 120 cm;
    oplage 9 plus 3 AP
  • About the artist

    Daniel Ricardo González is a photographer from Southern Germany and a talented all-rounder. He is the son of a Spanish father and a French mother.

    Besides looking for special places like globetrotter, Daniel likes to get in touch with people.

    More than just the curious photojournalist on the hunt for beautiful photos, Daniel manages to trigger the viewer with an empathetic look.

    González specializes in 'Urbex' (urban exploring) and in 'Panography', a challenging form of photography in which he makes 1 image from different images. These images make the viewer lose his sense of reality and make him or her part of a magical world.

    In the series 'Fragments of a Forgotten Symphony' González collaborates with the photographer Kindle.


    Daniel Ricardo González had many different expositions in the past. We show here only the most recent ones.

    2019 Exhibition KNOBLAUCH -. Ravensburg
    2019 Exhibition - "Fragments of A Forgotten Symphony" (Epson-Amsterdam)
    2019 Exhibition Galerie Objectif Editions, Ixelles, Belgien
    2018 Honorable Mention, ND Awards 2018, "Fragments Of A Forgotten Symphony".
    2018 Exhibition Galerie Sehnsucht, Rotterdam, NL
    2018 Exhibition - The Frame Eternal - THE DIRECTED ART MODERN (DAM Project Miami)
    2018 "Fragments of A Forgotten Symphony" (LACDA - Los Angeles Center For Digital Art)
    2018 Exhibition "Fragments of A Forgotten Symphony “(Epson - Photokina)
    2018 Exhibition" WOW! "|" Casa Alonso "(Gallery 21.06. Ravensburg)
    2018 Art Night Ravensburg (Gallery 21.06.

    2018 Publikation Historischer Küchen im Allgäu (Landzunge Magazin)
    2018 Publikation Heimat Magazin
    2018 Art-Wisdis "Fragments of A Forgotten Symphony"
    2018 Exhibition "Genusskunst - Kunstgenuss" (Gallery 21.06. Ravensburg)

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