The Roseline by Jorinda Bruggeman van Loon
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The Roseline 2016

Jorinda Bruggeman van Loon

60 cm
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  • About the artwork
    Edition of 8, 1st grade silver 925/000
  • About the artist
    Jorinda Bruggeman is a Dutch silversmith who studied at the Vakschool in Schoonhoven between 1998 and 2003. Initially, Bruggeman primarily worked as a goldsmith, but prefers to work with silver since 2011. She notes that when people buy silver nowadays, they mostly buy is as a decorative object, and not as a utensil. That is why she currently plays with the function of contemporary silver by creating utensils such as teapots that are impossible to use for their original function. Moreover, Bruggeman is currently actively involved with the organisation and administration of Zilvergalerie de Watertoren.

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