Uil - Owl by Erwin Meijer
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Uil - Owl 2021

Erwin Meijer

48 cm
€ 6.440

Morren Galleries Utrecht

  • About the artist

    Erwin Meijer (1968) graduated from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Arnhem. Erwin Meijer's bronze sculptures are subtle and have a recognizable personal handwriting. They breathe the atmosphere of a narrative poem in which the reader experiences not only the artist but also himself in his interpretation. Due to his interpretation of realism, Meijer still leaves plenty of room for interpretations.

    Do artist and viewer have the same story on their minds? It doesn't really matter because beauty is an autonomous quality in his work. What is the translation of looking at the conscious and the unconscious brain? One is struck in Erwin Meijer's sculptures by the clear, stylized forms and the flawless craftsmanship. The other by his favorite theme, nature, artistically depicted with love in humans and animals; often in their mutual, harmonious interaction.

    In addition to the narrative, the charge, the symbolic value is characteristic of his work. You experience emotion with the images. You see the human being, in his or her subtle presence, witty or vulnerable. You empathize with the myth, feel the power of the metaphorical. It is true artistry when such feelings can be evoked by artistic creations.

    Erwin Meijer succeeds wonderfully in giving his images a classic universality: timeless, transcending the boundaries of reality. With a signature that reaches across countries and cultures. East and west meet in many of his sculptures, as witnessed for example in his Europa and the Bull, Madame Butterfly, Labyrinth and Hybrid. But especially by the visual artist Erwin Meijer himself.


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