Venice by Jef Huibers
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Venice 2009

Jef Huibers

€ 3.000

Galerie Lieve Hemel

  • About the artist

    Jef Huibers was born on May 29, 1941 and is a Dutch artist. Huibers studied at the academies of Rotterdam and Tilburg. Next to being an artist Huibers has taught at the college of gold- and silversmithing in Schoonhoven, The Netherlands.

    Huibers incorporates a strong sense of history with different layers and meanings. The history of Western art is in constant movement so it is important to have art radiate the process in which it was created.

    In 1991 Huibers joined the “Silver in Motion” project for which he created 3 objects together with Louis Hankart, a fellow jewellery designer and colleague in Schoonhoven.

    Since 1994 Huibers has dedicated himself to designing objects executed in silver from renowned Studio 925. The elements of his paintings are clearly visible through the stylized figures that can also be found in his vases and other objects. The handle of “Drinkuit” (1998) is a variation on the theme. Huibers uses the forms he designs in silver for his paintings.

    Inspired by Etruscan grave-gifts Huibers plays with his designes sometimes replacing a socle with a carriage. To him, the vases are human figures, the bowls and dishes planes and his boxes buildings. The fascination for the reflection of polished silver is seen in all his work, which often is combined with stone, glass or painted wood.

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