W-sneeuw by Gertjan Scholte-Albers
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W-sneeuw 2021

Gertjan Scholte-Albers

Original oil on canvas
120 ⨯ 140 cm
€ 3.600

Morren Galleries Utrecht

  • About the artist

    Gertjan Scholte-Albers (1971) studied at Academy of Art and Design in Enschede. After he finished his study there he moved to Groningen with family. He paints all his work outside, for him the wind, the smell and the landscapes are full of inspirations.

    He does not copy what he sees, but puts a bit of his own imagination into his artworks. It is important for him that what he shows on the painting is not realistic, but an experience. He mostly paints trees who reach from the bottom to the top of his paintings. Scholte-Albers uses a different kind of color-pallete, which is not realistic, his trees can be pink or blue.

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