Yellow and Blue  by Robert Munning
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Yellow and Blue 2018

Robert Munning

Oil paintPanelPaint
30 ⨯ 70 cm
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  • About the artist

    Robert Munning was born in Bergen op Zoom in 1981.
    Despite the initial desire to go to art school after high school, he chose to study psychology at Tilburg University. Instead of his love for painting fading over the years, it only became stronger. Nevertheless, his choice to study psychology and his paintings have an important similarity, namely a clearly visible interest in man.

    As an artist Robert Munning searches for stillness and I try to make the transient timeless, knowing that I will never fully succeed in this.

    Time evaporates. Nothing is permanent. The only thing that is certain is the transience of things. Although painting has many technical aspects, the expression of feeling is central.  A clear interest in the human being in all its aspects, comes to the fore.