Zonder titel by Fred Pollack
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Zonder titel 2021

Fred Pollack

70 ⨯ 60 cm
€ 3.250

Bert Kuipers Kunsthandel

  • About the artwork
    Pollack; Fred; Enschede 1943 –
    Titel: zonder titel, 21-11, acryl op doek, 2021
    70 x 60 cm., verso gesigneerd, genummerd en gedateerd
    Herkomst: atelier van de kunstenaar

    Prijs €3250
  • About the artist

    The paintings of Fred Pollack are usually the result of an intuitive painting process of formulation and disruption. During that process, he combines geometric and anthropomorphic forms, as well as abstract and figurative elements, in compositions in which colour is subordinated to black, grey and white. Because forms and surfaces are often cut off at the edges, his compositions create the impression of being part of a larger cosmic order.

    It is in the uneasy combinations of disparate quantities, which sometimes seem abstract and sometimes suggest representations, that Pollack's paintings find their visual meaning. Although formally it has a connection to post-war abstract and neo-figurative art, his work seems to hark back to the tradition of surrealism in its alienating play with darkness and dream.

    In order not to influence the viewer, Pollack almost never gives his paintings titles. "The viewer should feel the same freedom in exploring my compositions that I had in painting," he explains.

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