5 artworks about Amsterdam

Cuno van der Feltz, Curator and Co-Founder Gallerease
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Amsterdam with its canals, streets and nightlife; who doesn't know this Dutch capital city? Lots of artist have painted this city and the streetlife. We have selected 5 artworks about Amsterdam and made some suggestions how you can spend your day in this vivid city.

What about waking up just like John Lennon and Yoko Ono in a bed in Amsterdam?


John and Yoko

Photo John and Yoko in Bed, Hilton Hotel Amsterdam 1969 by Nico Koster available at Peter Pappot Art Gallery, € 195,-


And enjoying the beautiful sights of Amsterdam from your balcony!



Photo Linnaeusstraat Amsterdam 2012 by Julie Hrudova available at Click Editions, €350,-


And have a nice walk or boat tour at the canals. 



View at the Raamgracht by Frans Koppelaar available at Kunstzalen A. Vecht, price on request


Or visit the the famous Amsterdam Zoo Artis


Artis Amsterdam zoo

Bear Palace in Artis Zoo, 1905 by Gerard Johan Staller available at Dolf D. van Omme, price on request


And have a nice drink in one of the pubs at the Leidscheplein.

Leidscheplein Amsterdam

Drawing Leidscheplein Amsterdam, 1958 by Guus van Eck available at HCH Gallery, €1500,-

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