5 beach paintings to brighten up your day!

Cuno van der Feltz, Curator and Co-Founder Gallerease
Cuno van der Feltz
Curator and Co-Founder
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Had enough of those grey skies? Hang up one of these paintings in your home and you are guaranteed to wake up happy every day!


Alireza Varzandeh, Midday, 2017, available at Gallery the Obsession of Art.


Willem Dooijewaard, The beach at Nice, 1900, available at Kunsthandel Studio 2000.


Isaac Israels, On the beach (Viareggio), 1865, available at Kunsthandel Pygmalion.


Adrie Mouthaan, Kite Surfers, 2000, available at E.J. van Wisselingh & Co.


Juane Xue, Dining at Sea, several variations of this painting are available here

Header image: Matthew Kane.

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