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Je Suis La Pipe

SinArts Gallery is proud to present Je Suis La Pipe, the first solo show by Naoki Fuku in the Benelux:

"A preliminary conclusion to Fuku’s Before the 7th series, this exhibition focusses more on his conceptual paintings in which Naoki brings together his criticism on the art world, as well as the world at large, through cynical and colourful compositions. The title of the exhibition lends itself as a direct reference to René Magritte's iconic Ceci n'est pas une pipe, and stands as a symbol for the confusion and absurdity Naoki sees around him every day."

Darling, what shall we eat tonight? (2010-2015) - Based on a photograph of an Iranian execution.

Naoki Fuku was born in Tokyo, where he took classes in painting as well as 'Shodo' (Japanese Calligraphy) under the Japanese painter Naoko Yanase. As a further self-taught artist, he moved to London to focus on his artistic career.

Darling, I drank too much (2014) - Based on the tragic story of Kevin Carter and the Pullitzer Prize.

His work may be placed within the canon of Western culture; presenting a mixed view on social, political, cultural and personal issues, Fuku finds his inspiration in media coverage as well as his own reality.

From the series "Study of a human mind", in which Fuku plays with the concept of human identity and takes a critical approach to the controversy of human existence.

Fuku mixes tradtional Japanese techniques such as calligraphy with a more direct Western expressionistic approach, hoping to create a certain exposé of what is often overlooked in modern life.

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