The Big September Exhibition Guide: Part II

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The cultural season kicked off last week with exciting exhibition openings and of course a whole weekend dedicated to art and fashion! To continue the spree, we have lined up this week’s most inspiring vernissages for you:

Bernhard Knaus Fine Art
Friendly Patterns
Sept 08 – Oct

Flo Maak (Germany, 1980) and Sacha Pohle (Germany, 1972) are two independent artists that work in completely different styles, but for this upcoming exhibition they set out to find common ground. Through superimposing familiar patterns, Maak and Pohle explored how simulation and imitation can lead to new interpretations, resulting in new sculptures, photographs and video works.

Gallery Wijdemeren
Clouds & Water
Sept 08 – Sept 10

To welcome the autumnal season, the gallery is hosting a special exhibition featuring the works of Ronald Prent. Throughout the centuries, countless of artists have been inspired by the reflections of dreamy Dutch skies on water. Prent has continued this tradition in a more abstracts expressionistic fashion, applying thick layers of paint in striking colours, resulting in exotic modern day masterpieces. 

Caroline o’Breen
Sept 09 – Oct 07

The cultural anthropologist and photographer Emilie Hudig (1973) created this “imaginary travel story” during a residence in Xiamen. Inspired by the homonymous literary genre, she used blurriness and double exposure to make “the truth seem like fiction, and fiction like truth”, allowing the imperfections to add elements of mystery and magic at the same time.

Gallery 9
Eliza Kopec & Henk van Putten
Sept 09 – Oct 07


Through her paintings and reliefs, Eliza Kopec explores systems and structures that are non-visual, such as language and numbers. Along the same lines, Henk van Putten tries to manipulate standard geometric shapes, in search of new forms. Both artists want to intrigue their audiences by challenging their basic frames of reference. In this exhibition, the works of Kopec and Van Putten form an interplay that will undoubtedly fascinate the public.

Gallery Rob Koudijs
Beasting it Up
Sept 09 – Oct 21

Benedikt Fischer’s early jewellery refers to the protection of the body, using the shape of a helmet as a starting point. His most recent work has taken a completely different turn, it no longer concerns the protection of the human body against outside forces, but the protection of the body against humans themselves. In this day and age, where everybody is striving for perfection, spending hours in the gym and tracking their progress through apps, Fischer’s pieces serve as modern day ex-voto’s.

Gallery Kunstbroeders
Natural Wonders
Sept 10 – Oct 15

Jia Zhou creates beautiful ‘Gongbi’ paintings. Translated as ‘detailed brushstrokes’, this traditional technique requires an extremely precise method that is often used to paint birds and flowers, resulting in highly realistic images. For this series, Jia Zhou applied ink and watercolour on rice paper, ensuring that the legacy of Chinese painting lives on.

Gallery van Strien
Delicious Temptations
Sept 10 – Oct 29


This exhibition combines the works of Elvira Dik and Bernard Heesen. Dik’s paintings of sweets and cakes are so realistic that they become enticing, whereas the glass artist Heesen creates vases and bowls that are so sumptuous that you almost want to eat them. Together, these works lure you into a world of guilty pleasures, taking your senses on a whirlwind tour, too good to be true.

Gallery Wilms
Focus Belgium
Sept 10 – Dec 23

Especially for this exhibition, the gallery immersed itself within the Belgian contemporary art scene and selected five artists that represent current developments but are hardly know outside of the Flemish community.  Meet Maen Florin, Karel Fonteyne, Quinten Ingelaere, Hervé Martijn and Colin Waeghe and take this opportunity to discover something different!

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