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TEFAF never disappoints, and its 2018 outing is no exception. The Bulgari clock and the Pietra Dura Tabletop are to behold but take time to look beyond these treasures and you will be in awe of the selection of beautiful frames on display at TEFAF Maastricht - works of art themselves!


Talabardon et Gautier - Stand 334 

I’m sorry Goddess Diana but my focus is directly drawn to the frame. This extravagant crafted beauty is a perfect example of how painting and frame are one integrated work of art. The crafted frame complements the portrait of Anna Maria Luisa de Medici (1667-1743) in Diane Huntress seamlessly with the same theme in the chosen ornaments. Have a look at the faces of these Renaissance putti and well-carved boar and deer.

Jan Frans van Douven, Anna Maria Luisa de Medici in Diane Huntress, 15 x 12 cm. Talabardon et Gautier TEFAF
Jan Frans van Douven (1656-1727), Anna Maria Luisa de Medici in Diane Huntress, 15 x 12 cm. Talabardon et Gautier.


Kunsthandel Peter Mühlbauer - Stand 264

 This Southern Italian 17th century captivating object, so lavish in its use of coral and mother-of-pearl, from the seaport of Trapani in Sicily, is a splendid example of craftsmanship. Works of art incorporating coral played an important role in European collections, as it was considered to be the quintessential Kunstkammer material. This frame was most likely an object intended for private devotion, now mounted as a mirror. The generous use of these precious materials and the wonderful condition makes this a real feast for the eyes.

Kunsthandel Peter Mühlbauer. A Sicilian gilt-copper-mounted coral and mother-of-pearl, now mounted as a mirror.
A Sicilian gilt-copper-mounted coral and mother-of-pearl, now mounted as a mirror. 78,5 x 61 x 9 cm. Trapani Sicily 1680/1690 ca. Kunsthandel Peter Mühlbauer


Burzio. - Stand 167

Not only the figures on the painting are highly elegant and graceful, so is the frame of this Holy Water Stoup. Double jasper rectangular frames complement the Adoration of Magi highly decorated with cherubs, flowers and foliage applied with gilt bronze scrollwork surmounted by blessing God. Bronze Holy Water Stoups, such as the one on view at Burzio, were extremely precious and were traditionally used in private homes. The glistening surface of the gold bronze echoes and boosts the water’s reflective quality. It evokes an impression of dancing light and of purity, which is in line with the cleansing and apotropaic property attributed to the Holy Water. The deep blue Lapis Lazuli is one of the most sought after stones in use since man's history began.


Holy Water Stoup Rome, 1600 ca,  Burzio TEFAF

Holy Water Stoup Rome, 1600 ca,  Burzio TEFAF
Holy Water Stoup, Gilt-Bronze semi-precious stones mounted, 57 x 41 cm., Rome 1600 ca. Luca Burzio Fine Art


López de Aragón - Stand 175

 Other objects of beauty are the gorgeous Mirrors featured at López de Aragón. These are an extraordinary example of the new French models introduced by king Philip V, first Bourbon King of Spain after the Habsburg dynasty (1683-1746). Philip grew up in the excessive and lush surroundings of the Palace of Versailles in France. These settings demanded frames that communicated this same kind of affluence. The sculptural quality of the carving is delightful and gives some idea of why this architectural and decorative french styles spread throughout the world during the eighteenth century.

Pair of Mirror, Gilt pinewood, 117 x 72 cm., Spain 1700 ca. López de Aragón


Galerie J. Kugel - Stand 200

 Galerie Kugel is highlighting Italian mirrors during TEFAF 2018, including a pair of 17th century Sicilian Trapani coral mirrors and a mid-18th century pair of gilt-bronze and silver by Francesco Giardoni (1692-1747). Another treasure at their booth is this miniature portrait of Roberto di Filippo Strozzi by Francesco Salviati (1510-1563) in a exquisite carved wooden frame.

Francesco Salviati, Roberto di filippo strozzi by, Florence 1540 ca.
Left: Detail Italian mirrors Right: Francesco Salviati, Roberto di Filippo Strozzi, Florence 1540 ca. Galerie Kugel 


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