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Photography only gained widespread recognition as a collectable medium in the second half of the 20th century, when it was universally recognized as a fine art discipline.

Over recent years the technique has greatly influenced the way in which we view and collect art as a whole, for its contribution as a creative medium has helped to shape our understanding of contemporary art.

Photography closely
 documents human nature, for it operates as an intimate form of expression through sometimes evocative and emotional imagery. As a result, this accessibile medium is revered for its expressive qualities, and its impact on our understanding of visual culture and everyday life.

Maarten van Schaik, "Car Nude I," 50 x 70, courtesy of Galerie Caroline O'Brien

Today, most major museum institutions and private art collections posess a collection of photography. Its accessibility and relatability are main forces driving this permanent trend, and as such new concepts, ideas and aspiring artists are popping out of the woodwork on what appears to be a daily basis.

Considering this new abundance of fine art material, there is an overwhelming amount of photography to be discovered and admired. Filtering through the bounty can seem like a daunting task, for how do we find what we are looking for through the copious supply?

Brooke Shaden, "The Chainless Links," 120 x 120, courtesy of Morren Galleries Utrecht.

If you have questions concerning photography, how it’s marketed, or how it’s valued, look no further. Gallerease has designed a step-by-step guide just for you, characterising the many aspects of photography as a fine art, and as a collectible medium.

Dik Nicolai, "What's In A Box," courtesy of the artist

With our help you can dissect photography and its many attributes through expertly written chapters pinpointing the ins-and-outs of this fascinating medium. In this
whitepaper guide you will discover the meaning of ‘Photography Editions’, an ‘artist proof’, ‘digital vs. analog’ photography, photography on the ‘e-commerce market’ and much more. We hope you enjoy this insightful guide and expand your appreciation of the fine art of photography.

Header image courtesy of Hanny Naibaho

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