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Experience art in a homely environment


At ‘Huis voor de Kunst’ you can experience art and culture in a setting how it is meant to be. This art collection is not for show in a big, empty room under the watchful eye of security, but displayed in an intimate and homely atmosphere within the surrounding of a 1930s-style villa. 


When Jan Starke was a young fellow he started to collect art as a hobby. As an owner of a successful company Starke travelled the whole world, but a few years ago he decided to sell his business to focus on art from that moment on. Nowadays he shares his collection, composed of love and passion to the eye of the public. ‘Huis voor de Kunst’ hosts a magnificent collection of fine art, starting from the 17th century right up to contemporary art.


The cultural haven of Veendam


Alongside being a home for art, the ‘Huis voor de Kunst’ enjoys a reputation as a cultural haven, with concerts, cabaret and lectures held frequently. This house in Veendam brings art closer to the people, literally closer by creating it in a small-scale, homely atmosphere. 


Isaac Israels, Lying nude, €115.000


Svetlana Tartakovska, Sleeping girl, €14.500


Jean-Michel Lengrand, Dream, €2.740


Jan Jacob Spohler, Winter landscape with windmill, €12.500


Jean-Michel Lengrand, Testing of Saint Anthony: Gluttony, €6.500


Huis voor de Kunst, Stationsstraat 10, 9641 KE Veendam, Groningen 



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