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It’s Art Rotterdam Week! From February 7th until 11th every contemporary art lover and collector from far and wide will find his way to the harbour city Rotterdam. This annual festival for art, design and architecture represents the tangible evidence of Rotterdam as leading figurehead for contemporary art. Besides Art Rotterdam, Object and the photography fair Haute Photographie, our eyes are set on newcomer Qade Solo Project.


Qade Solo Project

Qade (Qontemporary Art and Design) is giving stage to 25 established Dutch galleries who each presents two solo exhibitions. People can expect in depth presentations of acclaimed artists as well as young talents, recognition next to astonishment. A wide variety of contemporary artists who provide a powerful image of the current breadth and diversity in the art world. The brand new event is surrounded by the industrial heritage of the iconic cruise terminal, which has served as the departure and arrival gate of the Holland America Line. 

Ed Spence


Qlick Gallery – Booth 2

Qlick Gallery presents a solo exhibition of Ed Spence. His vintage photocollage series mimics a digital aesthetic by dissecting portions of the image into tiny pixels, which are cut and reorganized by hand. Once you unravel the mystery of how the work is created you are certain to feel satisfied.


Zhu Hong


SinArts Gallery – Booth 4 

The ultrathin delicacy of Zhu Hong works brings your eye to a level of heightened attention, inviting you to make an effort to distinguish a figure between the opaque and the glossy. Focused on capturing museum displays and exhibitions, Zhu Hong aims to explore the history of Western art in its essential institutional settings, both precious and everyday.


Wieland Vogel


Rademakers Gallery – Booth 7

At Rademakers Gallery you can find work of Wieland Vogel. His storytelling designs show the beauty of construction. In his sculptures Wieland demonstrates the world that an object in weathered form has more character and exposes a richer history than an object that’s still untainted. This results in intricate miniature scaffolding constructions with a fascinating play between silhouette and proportion. Besides Wieland Vogel, Rademakers Gallery will participate with works of Natasja van der Meer, Dagmar van Weeghel and Florentijn de Boer. 

Kim de Molenaer


Eduard Planting Gallery – Booth 14

For stunning black and white photography you should take a visit at Eduard Planting Gallery. Kim de Molenaer was mesmerized by the sunlit Greece with its extremely bright natural light. His photographs show a beautiful depth within their grey tones, caused by this intense lighting. Molenaer’s work is reminiscent to the cinematography of ‘Roman Holiday’, starring Audrey Hepburn and has an overall nostalgic feel of the 1950s and 1960s in it.


Pleunie Buyink


Sophie Maree Gallery – Booth 16

Pleunie Buyink creates artworks with Limber Gem that also function as elegant interior jewellery. Her designs consist of different layers and materials and behaving like chameleons playing with incoming light. Once the light touches the limber gems the interplay between the rugged crinkly background, the ruff edges and the warm colours really starts.


Wouter Dam


Galerie Carla Koch – Booth 18

Wouter Dam creates classical ceramic forms with a baroque swing. You will always recognize the basic pot form in his ceramics, but the emphasis has shifted towards the subtle planes and lines that comprise the object's skin. Thereby, Dam plays with the otherwise clearly defined boundaries between ceramics and sculpture.


Denis Rouvre


Project 2.0 – Booth 23

Denis Rouvre is a French portrait photographer with a very impressive portfolio. His list of honours includes a Sony World Photography Award, the Hasselblad Master Award and a World Press Photo Award. Our Western society is struggling to associate children and combat, youth and violence. The pictures that Rouvre took of young boxer’s from Thailand are there for all the more striking.

Enough to see and take home, See you at Art Rotterdam Week!


Header image: Lars van den Brink, Euromast - Sophie Maree Gallery

Qade Solo Project
Wed 07 February 2018 until Sun 11 February 2018
Cruise Terminal Rotterdam
Wilhelminakade 699





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