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Special gifts belong to special occasions and moments. Especially if you want to give someone something unique, personal and a with lasting memory; then antique or art is an excellent idea. And very often it is much appreciated by the receiver to receive one larger, joint gift than many small individual presents. But what are the occasions that qualify for this and what kind of special gifts can you think about? Below we have listed 5 special occasions with original gift ideas:


Special gift for valentines day, engagement or marriage


Valentine's day, engagement and marriage stands for love, celebration, longlasting friendship and connection.

As suitable present to the bridal couple could be something: a beautiful sculpture, ceramics or glassware, a painting or a lithograph.


Painting  Painting "Couple" by Geer van Velde 1898-1977


 Lithograph  Lithograph "Couple in Ocher by Marc Chagall 1952-1980


But for an upcoming engagement or valentine's day, you can think of an unique, antique engagement ring, see here for some nice examples.

Beautiful antique engagement rings at GallereaseBeautiful antique engagement rings at Gallerease



Art and antique when decorating a new home


Are you moving soon or are you planning to (re)decorate your home? Then give your interior a personal touch, nowadays modern art and antiques art can perfectly be combined into an 'eclectic' whole. Looking for suitable objects? At our site you can easily select objects by color, material, shape or size.

Example of an eclectic interior, antique and modern art combined Example of an eclectic interior, antique and modern art combined


A farewell present for retirement or leaving work


Has someone someone been a loyal employee for many and are you looking for a special farewell gift? Perhaps an old map or lithograph might be an original idea instead of the traditional a 'golden watch'.


 A lithograph by Pablo Picasso

A lithograph by Pablo Picasso "Jacqueline avec fleurs" 1956


Finishing high-school, graduation or a first job


Has your child or grandchild graduated or finished school? Then maybe you can think of giving an old map of the city in which the person has graduated or finished or a nice lithograph, a cool photo, or a nice piece of jewelry?


 Map of New York 1834-1900 by Thomas Sulman  Map of New York 1834-1900 by Thomas Sulman 



Or how about cufflinks to look great at the first job?

 Vintage cufflinks with gold and precious stones  Vintage cufflinks with gold and precious stones  



Leave something timeless to your children or grandchildren


Maybe as parent or grandparent you would you like to give your child or grandchild something special, personal and timeless? An idea might be for example an antique piece of jewelry or a painting by a well-known painter which will always keep its value.

Painting  Painting "La plage à Sainte-Adresse" by Paul Mathieu 1916


Need help by choosing the right gift for the right occasion?


Of course, there are countless other occasions to think of to give a nice gift. At Gallerease you can easily search for specific topics in the search function that suits the interest and taste to whom you want to give something. You can search at Gallerease at colour, specific item, period, material, size or artist. If you just want to be surprised, you can also use Artease, a tool that takes your preferences into account and guides you through our collection in a playful way.

If you can't find what you are looking for, you can always sent us an email for suggestions at: info@gallerease.com



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