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Who we are

Gallerease was originally founded in 2016, as one of the first online art platforms in the Netherlands, with the aim of making high-quality and curated art from galleries and art dealers more transparent and accessible for both experienced art collectors and novice art lovers.

Gallerease has since grown into a well-known international art platform with almost 100 renowned galleries and art dealers and more than 6,500 art objects on offer and almost half a million international visitors every year.

In addition to galleries and art dealers, Gallerease now also helps independent artists, museums, private individuals and companies to offer their art collections on a 'no cure-no-pay' basis to a wide international audience. For more information about our services, check out our services or contact us at info@gallerease.com

Gallerease's current mission is still to lower barriers in the art world and make high-quality curated art transparent and accessible to a wide audience.

In addition, we want to help art lovers in their journey to find their favorite works of art, make the search enjoyable and inspire them to keep discovering new works of art, artists and styles.

We hope you enjoy using our platform and our service!

Danny Bree, owner Gallerease

Who we are
What we do

What we do

What is Gallerease?
Gallerease is a renowned, international online art platform headquartered in the Netherlands. We show the collections of almost 100 well known European art dealers and galleries consisting of more than 6,500 curated works of art. We help you find a suitable artwork by offering a wide, eclectic range of artworks, including: paintings, photography, lithographs, drawings, sculptures, jewelry, antiques and modern art.

Who is Gallerease for?
We are there for the experienced collector as well as the novice art lover, for young, old and international audiences who are looking for high-quality and curated art.

What do you mean by high-quality or curated art?
All art offered on Gallerease comes from renowned galleries and art dealers. All artworks can be provided with a certificate of authenticity.

How can I search the art collection?
We have created this platform specifically to make it easier to find and compare certain works of art. By entering your preferences in the selection tool for artworks, you can easily search based on: price, style, period, material, colour, shape and size. Are you looking for a work of art by a specific artist or with a specific subject? Then you can also simply use the general search field at the top of our website. If you have found an interesting artwork, you can click further on the tags (labels) to find similar artworks.

What if you donnot exactly know what kind of art you like?
With smart tools like Artease, we've developed a playful way to discover your favorite art style or taste. Because all our artworks are connected to each other with labels (tags), we can help you find your favorite style in a smart way and ultimately your favorite artwork. In this way we try to make searching and discovering art even more fun!

How can I request more information about a work of art?
If you are interested in a particular work of art, you can ask additional questions via the digital form next to the work of art. For example, you can ask for more photos, the asking price, information about the origin or condition of the work. You can also ask here where the work can be seen in real life and whether you can come by to view it. You will not be charged for making an application.

How can I get in touch with a gallery or art dealer?
The contact details of the gallery or art dealers are displayed on the art dealer's profile page. Here you have the option to send a direct message, for example to make an appointment to view a work of art.

Can I buy artwork directly from Gallerease?
Gallerease is not a sales platform or webshop. As soon as you have found a work of art that you are interested in or that you would like to buy, we will put you in touch with the relevant art dealer or gallery, so that you can get acquainted with the gallery and the work of art.

Can I negotiate about the price of a work of art?
Depending on the policy, the asking price can be negotiated at some art dealers and galleries. If you are seriously interested and consider a reasonable offer on a particular work of art, Gallerease will be happy to assist you with any mediation.

Why are some prices marked 'on request'?
Information about the prices of works of art is or is not stated at the discretion of the art trade or gallery. You can always contact Gallerease about the asking price or your final offer price.

If I am a supplier of art, antiques or jewelry myself, can I participate in Gallerease?
We work exclusively with reputable art providers and strive for a high level of quality. Not everyone automatically gains access to our platform. Are you a gallery, art dealer, independent artist, private collector or museum and should you consider participating in Gallerease? Please email us at info@gallerease.com so we can review your application and consider participating.

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