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Aside from hosting an online platform that allows users to orientate themselves amidst the art market, Gallerease also offers special assistance with individual sales and acquisitions, including entire collections. The art market can be difficult to navigate and is known for its many pitfalls, therefore it is advisable to solicit passionate and experienced art professionals to guide you through the process.

Private Sales

As a result of many years of art market experience, we know exactly how to obtain the best prices for the pieces that you wish to sell or acquire. The possibilities are endless, including private sales, done discretely through private collectors or museums, as well as public sales. Through careful collaboration we can determine what approach suits your (family) collection best. For public sales we design a strategic plan that includes all the important aspects such as auction conditions, appraisals, market strategy and publicity. This allows you to make a well-thought-out decision to generate the highest possible proceeds. At the same time, online sales are becoming more common within the changing art market. We therefore also offer you the opportunity the sell your collection through our platform’s Gallerease Curated section.
Once it has been decided to put a collection up for sale, an inventory has to be made. Aside from our in-house appraisers, we also work with external specialists in different fields. Should further research be required in order to determine provenance, quality, potential restorations and dating, we will also solicit external experts.

Acquisitions and Advice

Whether you are a first-time buyer or seasoned collector; our curators are happy to assist you in your search for the perfect piece to meet your requirements as part of our Personal Art Advisory service. Based on your personal preferences, we will accompany you to specific galleries, dealers and private collectors. Should you decide to purchase a piece, we can mediate the process to negotiate the best price for you.  

For more information regarding valuations and intermediation services, please contact asktheexpert@gallerease.com or phone +31 (0)20 290 05 24

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