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See seperate biographies of David Howard and John Ayers.
Mirza Mohammad-Vali, chief physician of the army under the fourth Qajar Shah, Nasar al-Din (reigned 1848-1896).

Cornelis Nozeman

1720 - 1786
Cornelius Nozeman was a Dutch Remonstrant churchman and Naturalist. Starting in 1770, his work on ‘Nederlandsche...

George Sale

1697 - 1736
George Sale was born in Canterbury in 1697 and died in the City of Westminster in 1736. He studied at the King's School...

Diogo de Teive

1514 - 1569
Diogo de Teive (ca.1514 - ca. 1569) was a humanist, a latinist and a scholar who was born in Braga in Portugal. He...

Luis de Urreta

1570 - 1636
Luis de Urreta (ca. 1570, Spain – 1636) was a Spanish Dominican monk. He was professor of theology in Valencia and...