Theo van de Vathorst

1934 -

About the artist

Theodorus Antonius Maria (Theo) van de Vathorst is a Dutch sculptor from Utrecht. He went to the State Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam and was tutored by Piet Esser. After graduation in 1962, Van de Vathorst began teaching at the Graphic School in order to generate revenue. His life as an artist however would become profitable quite soon because of all the projects he did for the city Utrecht. He worked primarily with bronze and stone, creating portraits and medals. His largest works are the bronze doors for the Dom Church in Utrecht. Soon after finishing his masterpiece he would receive the title Knight in the Order of the Lion of the Netherlands. Some of his other notable sculptures are the portraits of Anton Geesink, a Dutch judoka, and Wim Sonneveld, a Dutch cabaret artist and singer.