Bert Kuipers Kunsthandel

Enschede, The Netherlands

78 artworks34 artists

About the art dealer

Bert Kuipers Kunsthandel specializes in Modern post-war art from the Netherlands. The gallery is located in the Roombeek area of Enschede, which was devastated in the explosions of 2000. The district has now been re-built with modern architecture; an inspiring location for a gallery.


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Featured Artists

Walasse Ting

1929 - 201016 artworks
Freshness, vitality and brilliant colours characterise Walasse Ting's (originally called Ding Xiongquan - 丁雄泉)...

Henk Zweerus

1920 - 200511 artworks

Emile Circkens

1924 - 19979 artworks
Emile Circkens, born in Soerabaja Indonesia, is best known for his abstract expressionist work. After the second world...

Jaap Wagemaker

1906 - 19723 artworks
Jaap Wagemaker was a Dutch artist, born in Haarlem in 1906. He died in Amsterdam in 1972. At the age of fourteen...

Theo Wolvecamp

1925 - 19923 artworks
It was during the Second World War that Theo Wolvecamp started to paint. From 1945 - 1947 he attended the Art Academy...


1922 - 20103 artworks
Guillaume Cornelis van Beverloo was born on July 3, 1922 in Liege, Belgium. He is better known under his pseudonym...

Hendrik Valk

1897 - 19863 artworks
Hendrik Jacobus Valk was a Dutch painter. Similarities between his style of working and that of the members of De Stijl...

Hans Scholze

1933 - 19932 artworks
Dutch artist Hans Scholze was born in Java, Indonesia in 1933. He first trained as an architect, and in the 1950s...

Ger Lataster

1920 - 20122 artworks
Ger Lataster (Schaesberg, 16 February 1920) can be counted amongst the abstract expressionists. Having studied at the...

Henk Schuring

1928 - 19842 artworks
Henk Schuring was a Dutch abstract expressionistic painter from Zwolle. He spent most of his lifetime as a graphic...

Siep van den Berg

1913 - 19981 artwork
Sijbren Ritsert (Siep) van den Berg was a Dutch painter and sculptor, born in Tirns on 14 January 1913. He died in...

Lucas Van Der Pol

1935 - 20141 artwork
Lucas van der Pol was born in the Dutch city of Vlijmen, in 1935. He received his education in the artistic field at a...