Gallery The Obsession of Art

Bergen, The Netherlands

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Featured Artists

Lizette Luijten

1965 -16 artworks
The Spirit 
The emotion comes to you in layers. Lizette plays, fights, dances, cries, rejoices and surprises with...

Marcello Malandugno

1965 -8 artworks
Marcello Malandugno was born in Lecce, Italy, in 1965. He studied at the Academia della Arte, in Lecce. His paintings...

Anne Francoise Ben-Or

1965 -7 artworks
The Spirit 
Vulnerability and harmony are essential drivers for Anne Francoise. The vulnerability that enables...

Heiner Meyer

1953 -6 artworks
Heiner Meyer was born in 1953, in Bielefeld, Germany. He began studying liberal arts at HBK Braunschweig, from which he...

Peter van Straten

1972 -5 artworks
The Spirit Peter van Straten paints intriguing stages in the journey of any life that fascinates him, without...

Edols & Elliott

1993 -5 artworks
Kathy Elliott graduated from the Canberra School of Art in 1992. She taught various classes in the field of...

Alireza Varzandeh

1963 -4 artworks
Alireza Varzandeh is a Cologne-based, contemporary painter. He was born in Persia, 1963. He strives to represent scenes...

Anne Dewailly

1965 -3 artworks
Anne Dewailly was born in Roubaix, France, 1965. She is an autodidact painter, who tends to select the most touching...