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Passage Arts is: Rob van Leeuwen and Hanneke Richel, who, in the past 30 years, have built up a substantial collection of 20th century decorative arts. Numerous international visits have provided them with the opportunity to acquire well-chosen items that fit into the constantly changing... Read morePassage Arts are:
Rob van Leeuwen and Hanneke Richel, who, in the past 30 years, built up a substantial collection of 20st century decorative arts, mainly by listening to their own taste and hearts.
Numberless international travels gave and give them the opportunity to acquire well chosen items that fit into the constantly changing collection as:

Art Nouveau- and Art Deco glass (Daum, Gallé, Schneider, Loetz, Murano, etc.)
Sculptures (animal- and other bronzes)
Ceramics and porcelain (Rosenthal, Rozenburg, Zsolnay, Copenhagen, etc.)
Many other uncatagorized objects that appeal to the taste of Jugendstil/Art Nouveau and Art Deco adherents.

You also can find us on several shows in Holland and Belgium, to be announced on our website.


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Featured Artists

Charles Schneider

1881 - 195310 artworks
Charles Schneider was an Art Deco glass artist, born in Elzas, Germany, in 1881. Later Schneider moved to Nancy, one of...
Lötz Witwe / Klostermühle was a glass manufacturer in the art business in Klostermühle, Böhmer. He was part of...

Daum Frères

1878 -10 artworks
Daum is a crystal studio in the city of Nancy, France. It was founded in 1878 by Jean Daum(1825–1885). His sons,...

Maximilien Louis Fiot

1886 - 19533 artworks
Fiot was born in Le Grand-Pressigny on January 22nd 1886. he was for a long time the pupil of Prosper Lecourtier. Fiot...

Emile Gallé

1846 - 19044 artworks
Emile Gallé was a French artist in glass, wood and ceramics. After several apprenticeships in various European...

Charles Catteau

1880 - 19661 artwork
Charles Catteau was a French Art Déco industrial designer. He was born at Douai was trained at the National Ceramics...

Georges van der Straeten

1856 - 19281 artwork
Georges van der Straeten was a Belgian Art Nouveau sculptor, born in Gent 1856. He first worked as an attorney until...

Josef Hoffmann

1870 - 19561 artwork
Josef Franz Maria Hoffmann was an Austrian architect and designer who was involved in the foundation of the Vienna...

J Vesqe

1 artwork

Theo Vos

1 artwork

Theodor Madsen

1880 - 19651 artwork
Theodor Masden was active in Norway during the 19th and 20th century. He designed many characters for Royal Copenhagen...