Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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TERTIUS GALLERY specializes in Dutch Old Master Paintings, combined with a top selection of Dutch 19th & 20th Century, Contemporary and Functional Art.


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Featured Artists

Samuel Dejong

22 artworks for sale
Who am I, why am I here? What is infinity? What is reality? While contemplating on these existential topics, and in...

Salvador Dali

1904 - 198992 artworks for sale
Salvador Dalí was born Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dalí y Domenech, on May 11, 1904. The father of the...

Jeroen Luijt

8 artworks for sale
With a fascination for seventeenth century art in mind Jeroen creates his stilllifes. Both classic Pronkstilllifes and...

Jacob Gerritsz Cuyp

1 artwork for sale

Antoni Gaudi

1 artwork for sale

Jacobus Leveck

1 artwork for sale

Ary de Vois

1 artwork for sale

Maysam Al Nasser

1 artwork for sale

Dirck van der Lisse

1 artwork for sale
Van der Lisse verhuisde in 1626 naar Utrecht, waar hij in de leer ging bij Cornelis van Poelenburch. Rond...

Isaac Israels

1865 - 19348 artworks for sale
Isaac Israels was born in Amsterdam in 1865, the son of the painter Jozef Israels. Early in his life, his family moved...

William Rosewood

19 artworks for sale
William Rosewood, a talented twenty-three-year-old artist. He discovered the world of art when he was little. He was...

Simon van der Does

1 artwork for sale
Van der Does was born in The Hague, the son of Jacob van der Does by his second wife. He was taught to...