Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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About the art dealer

TERTIUS GALLERY specializes in Dutch Old Master Paintings, combined with a top selection of Dutch 19th & 20th Century, Contemporary and Functional Art.


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Featured Artists

Samuel Dejong

13 artworks
Who am I, why am I here? What is infinity? What is reality? While contemplating on these existential topics, and in...

Salvador Dali

1904 - 19899 artworks
Salvador Dalí was born Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dalí y Domenech, on May 11, 1904. The father of the renowned...

Jeroen Luijt

8 artworks

Cornelis Vreedenburgh

1880 - 19461 artwork
Cornelis Vreedenburgh was largely self-taught. Initially a house painter by trade, he drew and painted only in his...

Antoni Gaudi

1 artwork

Ary de Vois

1 artwork

Isaac Israels

1865 - 19341 artwork
Isaac Israels was born in Amsterdam in 1865, the son of the painter Jozef Israels. Early in his life, his family moved...