Eline Klein

1959 -4 artworks

About the artist

Eline Klein (1959) attended the Academie for Photography and Audio Visual Communication in Haarlem. Eline is classically trained; her skill-set includes controlling the effects of light and complex printing techniques, which she has trained to perfection.

After graduating she has worked as a fashion and portrait photographer for magazines. During her many fashion trips she felt the urge to photograph much more. This was before the introduction of digital photography. Klein still approaches her now photography from an analogue, classical perspective. This is characterised by the intentional inefficiences in her work.

After working with big teams for years Eline wanted to work alone and now focuses soley on photography art. The immense collection of material created over the years form a challenge to create suprising couples from which a new story emerges. These combinations form her ‘Stereo Stories’ series. Not simply taking 2 images but searching for an, at first, invisible connection forms the basis of her work. Klein wants to show two indiviual images together can create a new reality. Combining continents, changing the context, create new stories and thus putting the viewer in a position where he is challenged to think about the combination before his eyes.

Photographing people in their own environment is part of the basis of Klein’s work in the past years. Using only one source of light is characterising for her work.