Hein Severijns

About the artist

Hein Severijns vases in unusual, delicate shapes appear to have drifted ashore after a shipwreck long ago. All his vases are hand-turned from porcelain clay and decorated with silk matte crystical acids developed by Severijns himself.
Hein Severijns prefers to work with elegant, small crystals in earthly colours tied together in a matt, silk glaze which is in harmony with the gentle curves of his vases. After more than 50 years of working with clay and glazes his dream is to make that one, ‘ultimate’ vase. This search for perfection fits well with Severijns extensive professional training to make him the artist he is today.
Hein Severijns trained at the Academy of Applied Arts in Maastricht, the Netherlands and Werkkunstschule & Ingenieurschule fur Keramik in Germany as well as additional training to be a chemist and Ceramic Engineer and designer