Constanza by Kim Kroes
Constanza by Kim Kroes
Constanza by Kim Kroes
Constanza by Kim Kroes
Contains nudity

Constanza 1960 - 2017

Kim Kroes

StoneWhite marble
44 ⨯ 26 ⨯ 28 cm
€ 7.800

HCH Gallery

  • About the artworkAbout artwork & Artist
    Sculpture of statuario puro made by the artist in Studio Sem in Pietrasanta, Italy.
  • About the artist

    Kim Kroes was a sculptor, graphic artist, restorer and painter born in 1960. He attended the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague and was taught to be a painter. Later he was a pupil of Joseph Cals a painter and sculptor. In 2005 he was moved by the possibilities of white marble and learned how to work with marble in a workshop in Pietrasanta. Kroes is inspired by the female torso and calls it the most beautiful part of the body. He tries to combine his study of painting with sculpturing by putting veins on his sculptor that makes it look like they are painted.

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