'White Dream No 2' by Shi Biao Fang
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'White Dream No 2' 2020

Shi Biao Fang

50 ⨯ 70 cm
€ 795

Galerie Kunstbroeders

  • About the artwork
    Fang Shi Bao is born in Fujian Province in 1984.
    He graduated in the Department of Printmaking in Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2008
    Place of Residence: Xiamen,China
    Fang is a young upcoming artist who created a wonderful series of silkscreens on paper;
    Edition is 20; with certificate

    What the artists says about The Collection of White Dreams:
    'I can paint a light which will not disappear as it is dark, or which will not vanish when I am dead or not. It is a magic light, which leads us and gives us courage and love in the vast universe. It could be timeless.'
  • About the artist

    Fang Shi Biao 

    Born in Fujian Province in 1984

    Graduated in Department of Printmaking in Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2008

    Place of Residence: Xiamen,China

    Personal Exhibitions


    Personal Exhibition of Wei Fang,Themed with SEE ME,Maker Space,Hangzhou


    Personal Exhibition of Printmaking of Wei Fang, SEEWELL International Art  Center , Terminal 4 of Xiamen Airport,Xiamen        

    Wind Art Sharon & Exhibition of Oil Painting of WEI Fang,Themed with “Nihility”, Wind Art Space,Xiamen


    City Entertainment Wei Fang Copper Plate Etching Exhibition, Hong Kong 168 Gallery,Hong Kong

    Group Exhibitions


    Hong Kong International Artists Exhibition, Hong Kong City Hall, Hong Kong


    “Hidden”– the 6th Duolun Youth Art Exhibition, Shanghai Duolun of Modern Art,Shanghai

    Blue & Yellow– Invitational Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Youth Artists in Chicago,Floating World Gallery, Chicago,USA

    New Youth–Global Popularization program of Contemporary Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art &New Gallery of Art,New York & Shanghai


    The 3rd Nanjing International Exhibition of Art (Collateral Event),in Art 100 Gallery in Jiangsu Province


    Themed with “Walk and Witness”– Invitation Exhibition of Outstanding Chinese Artists’ Works, in Bird’s Nest,Beijing

    “Inter-Youth” Art Exhibition of International Higher School of Art,in Art Gallery of China Academy of Fine Arts,Hangzhou


    The 32nd International Exlibris Biennial,in China Millennium Monument Art Museum,Beijing

    The 4th Guangdong Printmaking Exhibition,  in Guanlan Art Gallery, Shenzhen

    The Maze in the Fortress –the Exhibition of Printmaking by Youth,in Fei Gallery ,Guangzhou


    Honorable Mention of “Being Under the Blue Sky,Creating Mutual Harmony “ –Guangdong Charity Creation Competition, Gallery of College Town of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts,Guangzhou

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