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At Art The Hague, leading contemporary art galleries will be exhibiting their most significant works within the inspiring industrial setting of the Fokker Terminal. The cosmopolitan fair echoes the international character of The Hague and offers an exciting program filled with interesting art world talks. This year, the special focus will lie on African Art and the Business Art Collection. To help you pick out the finest art from all of the beautiful pieces that will be on show, we’ve selected some artworks that we think are absolutely worth seeing!

Elke Lutgerink, Tent

Elke Lutgerink - Gallery Wilms, stand 24

As the daughter of two biologists, Elke Lutgerink naturally wonders about what the world would look without human intervention. What if we no longer tried to control everything and just let it all grow and develop on its own terms?


Kylli Sparre, Allies. And Armando

Kylli Sparre - Qlick Gallery, Stand 17

Elegant movements and the careful observation of bodies play a big part in Kylli Spare’s photography. Influenced by her background as a professional ballet dancer, Spare channels her creativity into a photographical story where the subject and its surroundings become one, almost transforming the work into a dance itself.

Armando - Gallery Mia Joosten, stand 40

Gallery Mia Joosten will be exhibiting paintings by Petar Tuškan, 3D-neon sculptures by Jozef van der Horst and amongst others, this powerful painting by Armando. It reflects his emotional experience of the Second World War through the use of colour and dramatic brush strokes.


Patrick Willocq, Walé Ilako, The Advisor. And Shaun Ellison.

Patrick Willocq - Project 2.0 Gallery, stand 10

Growing up amongst the indigenous tribes of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the photographer Patrick Willocq became fascinated by the centuries-old rituals of people. This particular photograph pays tribute to the maternity, fertility and femininity of young Pygmee mothers from the Ekonda tribe.

Shaun Ellison - Kers Gallery, stand 19

Shaun Ellison’s paintings are largely inspired by the texture of the urban landscape, in particular by the language of graffiti. The power of African rock carvings and the raw language of tribal arts, both forms of free expression, also provide an important source of inspiration for her canvases.


Wouter Dam, Cornucopia. And Henk van Putten, Hardly Touching

Wouter Dam - Carla Koch Gallery, stand 25

Wouter Dam creates classical ceramic forms with a baroque swing. Connoisseurs will always recognize the basic pot form in his ceramics, but the emphasis has shifted towards the subtle planes and lines that comprise the object's skin. Thereby, Dam plays with the otherwise clearly defined boundaries between ceramics and sculpture.


Henk van Putten - Gallery 9, stand 23

The ideal of ‘less is more’ speaks throughout Henk van Putten’s minimalistic geometric artworks. He makes innovative constructions whilst only using basic shapes. Through these constructions, he brings about a metamorphosis in the shape and especially in the spaciousness of basic forms.


Carol Erb, Serengeti Room

Carol Erb - Sophie Maree Gallery, stand 5

In Carol Erb’s images, animal have been removed from their natural environment and placed within a human space where they do not belong. Faded murals allude to a history of domestication and the way we are inclined to trick ourselves into thinking of animals as extensions of our own needs and emotions.

Art The Hague, the cosmopolitan fair for contemporary art, will take place from October 4-8 in the Fokker Terminal. In ‘a beginner’s guide to the art fair’ you will find some handy tips for making the most of your visit to the art fair.

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