About the artist

Reinier Vinkeles (1741, Amsterdam – 1816, Amsterdam) was apprenticed to Jan Punt (painter, engraver) for ten years. He started studying at the Stadstekenacademie (City Drawing School) in Amsterdam in 1762. In 1765 he travelled to Brabant with Juriaan Andriessen (decorative painter and graphic artist) and Izaäk Schmidt.

He arrived in Paris in 1770, where he studied with Jacques-Philippe Le Bas (engraver to the Cabinet du Roi) and made contact with the Dutch artist Hermanus Numan (painter, draftsman, engraver, art theorist). He returned to Amsterdam, where he made prints for book illustrations, copies after Dutch painters and theatre sets. He became director of the Stadsacademie and was teacher of several artists, among others Jacob Ernst Marcus and Daniël Vrijdag.