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Zsolnay, or formally Zsolnay Porcelánmanufaktúra Zrt (Zsolnay Porcelain Manufacture) was born in 1853 in Hungary....

Muller Frères

1895 - 19331 artwork
Muller Frères were French glass makers located in Lunéville, France. Their business ran from 1895 to 1933. They...
Carel Adolph Lion Cachet (Amsterdam, 28 November 1864 – Vreeland, 5 April 1945) was a Dutch designer, printmaker and...

arthur craco

1 artwork
NICOLAS, Paul (Laval 1875 - 1952 Nancy) Paul Nicolas was born in 1875 in Laval-sous-Bruyère. After...

Emile Gallé

1846 - 19044 artworks
Emile Gallé was a French artist in glass, wood and ceramics. After several apprenticeships in various European...
Joostens was a decorative frame maker, based in The Hague and active in the Art Nouveau period.

Jozef Knizek

1 artwork

Edmund Lachenal

2 artworks
Edmond Lachenal (1855-1948) was a French ceramist. Edmond Lachenal was one of the central figures in the development of...

René Lalique

1860 - 19451 artwork
René Jules Lalique (6 April 1860, Ay, Marne - 1 May 1945, Paris) was born on the 6th of April in 1860, in Ay,...

Clement Massier

1845 - 191710 artworks
Clement Massier was born in 1845 in France. Being born into a family of ceramists, Clément Massier also took an...

Emile Muller

1 artwork

Ernst Seger

1868 - 1939
The German sculptor began to study with Robert Härtel and Christian Behrens at the Breslau Art School in 1884. A few...

Michael James Talbot

1959 -3 artworks
Michael James Talbot 1959, Staffordshire, England "Sculpture for me, is essentially a theatrical construction, an...

Emmanuel Villanis

1858 - 19142 artworks
The French sculptor Emmanuel Villanis was born in Lille on December 12 1858; he was the son of Italian parents. After...
Julia Laszlo Zsolnay (1856,1950) was born in Hungary in 1856. She was a Hungarian artist in ceramics. Daughter of...