Deserted Bathroom by Peter Odekerken
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Deserted Bathroom 2022

Peter Odekerken

PlexiglassDigital photographyPhotographic print
85 ⨯ 150 ⨯ 1 cm
€ 1.475 - 2.450

Odekerken Photography

  • About the artwork
    Limited edition of 25. The artwork is printed on the finest photo paper and is then mounted between 3mm Acrylic Glass and a 3mm aluminum backpanel and provided with an aluminum mounting frame on the back. The artwork is produced in the most sophisticated photo lab in the Netherlands and comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. Price and sizes including Vat: 110x69cm = 1475 euro / 150x94cm = 1990 euro / 194x120cm = 2450 euro

  • About the artist

    Peter Odekerken is a professional photographer, who was born in 1981 in the Netherlands. His concept is to bring the beauty of the outside world to the inside of interiors. To capture the most beautiful places around the world at a very special moment and in a unique way is what he does best.

    Peter specializes in architecture and nature photography and works with multiple fine art galleries, art consultants and quality interior designers, mostly in Europe, UAE and USA. He also provides custom commisioned photoshoots of architectural interiors, exteriors and landscapes.

    Peter likes to capture the raw spirit of landscapes, devoid of human prescence. Which in his opinion adds a lot to the atmosphere, character and especially tranquility to the image. Crowds usually represent a hectic high pase, noise and stress. Through his work Peter shows the variety and beauty of both nature and manmade.

    For Peter photography is like an obsession and he puts in a lot of effort in each photo. Being at the right place at the right time with the right weather conditions and then finding the right angle is all crucial in the process of making a really unique photograph. His ultra-high resolution camera, his skills as a photographer and the museum quality production is what makes his artwork a beautiful sight to behold.

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