NT by Anjeliek Blaauw
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NT 2016

Anjeliek Blaauw

Outdoor LacquerResinLacquer
20 ⨯ 16 ⨯ 9 cm
€ 1.350

gallery 9 contemporary art

  • About the artwork
    edition: 3
  • About the artist

    Seclusion, intimacy and dualism are recurring themes in Anjeliek Blaauw’s visual work. Through the years, her formal language changed, and she experimented with various materials. The earlier work is clean, geometric, architectural in form. Gradually, the geometric forms become looser, the work becoming more organic, landscape-like.
    These days, she combines her three-dimensional work with paintings on transparent Perspex sheets. She paints the sheets on both sides; through her transparent painting technique, a diffuse world emerges. The light layers often conceal a depth. Dualism, heaviness and lightness.
    Light materials are also prominent in her recent three-dimensional work. She combines synthetic resin with paint; like her paintings, her sculptures have a mysterious layeredness: the viewer is pulled inward. There is a tension between openness and closedness, introverted or directed outward.

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