Autumn Exhibition Guide (Part II)

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As the leaves are turning brown, red and yellow and eventually make their way to the pavement only to be swapped away by the wind into the wide's time to head inside for a refreshing look at some art!

Raw Art by Eddy Choueiry
Oct 16 – Oct 31

Ren Rong Dialoque of Cultures
Eddy Choueiry, Aliens Exist, photo paper stretched on aluminium, 50 x 75 cm.
Beirut-based artist Eddy Choueiry photographs Raw Art on the streets of Lebanon. "One of the things that sets Raw Art apart from other genres, even related ones such as Street Art, is that it's actually made by non-artists," Choueiry explains. His work focusses on stratified posters, which he finds fascinating and inspiring because of the way that the different layers communicate with each other.

Gallery Kunstbroeders
Dialogue Between Cultures
Oct 20 – Dec 24

Exhibition of Ren Rong Dialogue of Cultures
The gallery will be presenting sculptures and paintings by guest artist Ren Rong, melting together European and Chinese cultures. The leitmotiv in Ren Rong's work is the so called "Pflanzenmensch", which forms a conjunction between traditional Chinese paper-clip-art and collages, woodcarvings and metal sculptures. His witty depictions of combinations between man and nature return to the source of life.

Gallery Obsession of Art
Moods and  Muses
Oct 20 – Oct 29

Dik Nicolai photo print Dunes II
Dik Nicolai, Dunes II, photo print on Dibond, 80 x 120 cm.
The gallery is proud to introduce three new artists: Heiner Meyer (DE), whose paintings are characterized by consistency and undogmatic intransigence, Alireza Varzandeh, a Persian born painter that reveals the structures and customs which make up our day-to-day lives, and Dik Nicolai (NL), the famous still-life and campaign photographer. The exhibition takes place during the Ten Days of Art event in Bergen.

SinArts Gallery
Our Gaze
Oct 27 – Nov 18

Exhibition view of SinArts Gallery our Gaze
Exhibition view.
Following the exciting premiere of Paris Asia Now, SinArts gallery returns to the Hague to introduce Tsou Yung-shan. This Berlin-based Taiwanese artist focusses much of her practice on observing the changes in our society, in particular within our visual culture. She is obsessed by books and considers them a portal through which the deep and underlying changes that are taking place in society today become visible.

Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam
Nov 2 – Nov 5

Affordable Art Fair
The AAF returns to Amsterdam for its 12th edition, during which Galerie Terbeek, Galerie NUMMER40 and the Grachten Galerie will all be present.

Gallery Van Strien
Group Exhibition
Nov 5 – Dec 26

Rita Lentz woodblock print titled Landing
Rita Lentz, Landing, woodblock print, 15 x 50 cm.
During their end-of-year exhibition, the gallery will bring an ode to the often-overshadowed graphic arts. The work of Lidwien Chorus, Siemen Dijkstra, Reinder Homan, Rita Lentz, Erik van Ommen and Krin Rinzema is taking center stage, alongside the beautiful ceramics of Hermien Buytendijk and original jewellery by Marijke van de Meent.

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