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With 2018 just around the corner, two new cities have been elected to carry the title of European Capital of Culture, showcasing the best of what they have to offer within the realm of culture. This year, Valletta (Malta) and Leeuwarden (Netherlands) are proud to open their doors with a fantastic line-up of special events!


Iepen Mienskip


The city of Leeuwarden is situated in the province of Friesland, along the Northern coastline. It is home to a rich history, dating back way further than that of the Netherlands itself, including its own authentic language. With a gorgeous countryside and lakes that are very popular amongst sailing fanatics, it’s definitely worth a visit.


The Tall Ships Races

The Tall Ships Races in August 2018: a cultural armada


As European Capital of Culture, Leeuwarden has adopted a specific theme: ‘Iepen Mienskip’ (meaning open sense of community). It is designed to inspire and show the public how thinking, dreaming and acting differently can enrich their lives. The city hopes to set an example of taking an active part in shaping a better future, not just for Friesland or the Netherlands, but for Europe and beyond.

Friesland Fiets Routes


The program for 2018 will reflect the urgencies that are felt in this agricultural region, where city and countryside as well as natives and newcomers must work together to find sustainable solutions. Amongst some of the leading acts are some surprising combinations: artists that work with bio-diversity, theatre that focuses on immigration and festivals that become innovation labs.

Art will be a medium for change, as artists work closely with communities to help shape a new environment.

In addition to the official program, there will be lots of interesting side-activities. Galerie Terbeek at Echtenerbrug offers stunning bronze sculptures by two internationally renowned artists, Anke Birnie and Joris Verdonkschot. These artists incorporate Frisian values like freedom and ‘Mienskip’ (working together to achieve a goal) into their design process.

Friesland Boppe         

Friesland Boppe  by Anke Birnie 


Take one look at ‘Friesland BOPPE’  by Birnie and you will notice the ‘Mienskip’ between these two figures. The artist demonstrates how combining our efforts can help us achieve much more. Birnie’s ‘Together Strong’ brings across a similar message. Both editions have been designed especially for Leeuwarden Capital City of 2018, they are limited and made to order. Find more information here.


Sculpture Together strong by Anke Birnie

Together Strong by Anke Birnie 


On Saturday December 30th from 13 - 16 pm, the special exhibition will celebrate its grand opening for the public, just ahead of the official opening of Leeuwarden Capital of Culture in January 2018. Furthermore, Gallery Terbeek will be hosting a series of special exhibitions featuring Dutch art and artist throughout the year.

Gallery Terbeek is situated in a stunning, traditional Dutch farmhouse in the midst of the Frisian landscape just near one of the biggest lakes of Friesland, the Tjeukemeer.


Gallery Terbeek Echtenerbrug, Friesland

Visit the Gallery Terbeek in the traditional Dutch farmhouse at Echtenerbrug, Friesland


For culture lovers, this unique area of Friesland also offers opportunities to explore Frisian history and heritage, with landmarks such as the UNESCO World heritage site “Woudagemaal” nearby. This pumping station was constructed during the early 20th century and it is the largest operational steam-powered pumping station in the world.


The Unesco world heritage site

The Unesco world heritage site "Woudagemaal" at Lemmer.



For more art and information about Gallery Terbeek have a look here!


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