About the artist

Gerrit ‘Ger’ Gerrits was a Dutch lithographer, sculptor, graphic artist, draftsman and painter, born in Amstelveen in 1893. He went to the School voor Kunst en Kunstnijverheid, Haarlem and Teekenschool voor Kunstambachten, Amsterdam and was a pupil of Jaap Veldheer, Georg Rueter and Heinrich Martin Krabbé. In Gerrits’ work his interest for composition and colour shades is clearly seen. As a painter he mainly did still lives in the Cubist, Nonrepresentational style. He signed his work with Ger Gerrits or ‘Portheine’. He was a member of multiple artist associations, among others De Onafhankelijken. He was the teacher of Jan Kijff, Juul Neumann and Jan Schoorel. Gerrits died in Amsterdam in 1965.