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1950 -
McLaurens is a self-taught artist, born in the Netherlands in 1950. He creates abstract art which is tactile and...
Herman Dirk van Dodeweerd (Amsterdam,18 September 1929), known as Armando, is a Dutch painter, sculptor and writer. He...

Dutch School

1400 -1 artwork
The Dutch school was a movement created by Dutch painters from the early Renaissance to the Baroque period. It...

Zhuang Hong Yi

1962 -5 artworks
Zhuang Hong Yi (1962, Shi Chuan, China), Chinese name 庄红艺 , is an artist, living and working in The Netherlands...

French School

1 artwork
The French School varies from several movements that occurred in France over the centuries. Examples are the...
Lucebert was an experimental painter, maker of drawings, poet and one of the leading figures of the CoBrA movement....


1922 - 2010
Guillaume Cornelis van Beverloo was born on July 3, 1922 in Liege, Belgium. He is better known under his pseudonym...

Johannes Evert Akkeringa

1861 - 19421 artwork
Johannes Evert Akkeringa painted exquisite still lifes of flowers but is best-known for his dune and beach scenes...

Jan Altink

1885 - 1971
Jan Altink was a member of the Groningen painters’ circle De Ploeg. However, he distinguished himself from fellow...

Pat Andrea

1942 -2 artworks
Pat Andrea (1942) also known as Gustaaf Hein Andrea was educated at the Royal Academy in The Hague by Co Westerink as...

Iam Anna

9 artworks
Anna finished her art education at the Art & Design Institute in Hong Kong. She developed her own distinctive...

Lizzy Ansingh

1875 - 19591 artwork
Lizzy Ansingh was a Dutch painter who was born in Utrecht on 13 March 1875. Her aunt Thérèse Schwartze gave Lizzy...

Louis Apol

1850 - 19363 artworks
Louis Apol belongs to the most important masters of the Hague School and is best known for his winter landscapes and...

Karel Appel

1921 - 20064 artworks
Christiaan Karel Appel (25 April 1921 – 3 May 2006) was a Dutch painter, poet and sculptor, born the son of Johanna...
Arjan van Arendonk  ( 31-7-1957 ) lives and works in 's-Hertogenbosch (the Netherlands). Still-life painting is...
Floris Arntzenius trained at the Rijksacademie, Amsterdam, along with Isaac Israels, Willem Witsen and G.H. Breitner,...

Paul Arntzenius

1883 - 19651 artwork
Paul Arntzenius, known to have been a cousin of Floris Arntzenius, was born on May 20, 1883 in the Dutch city of the...

Constant Artz

1870 - 19511 artwork
Constant Artz was born in Paris, the son of David Adolph Constant Artz (1837-1890).  Constant Artz lived and worked in...

Elies Auer

1952 -10 artworks
Elies Auer (1952) studied architecture in Delft and followed courses for professional painters in Indonesia, France and...

Joyce Balk

6 artworks
The Dutch artist Joyce Balk is a specialist in monumental Trompe l ‘oeil. These very realistic, large scale,...

Wim Bals

1 artwork

Nicolaas Bastert

1854 - 19397 artworks
Syvert Nicolaas Bastert was a Dutch landscape painter of the nineteenth century. He is counted among the ‘second...
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