About the artist

Robert & Courvoisier (La Chaud de Fonds, Switzerland) are Swiss clockmakers / watchmakers.
The firm was founded in 1795 as a successor to J. Robert & Fils, Courvoisier. Many years before this firm had been founded as Josué Robert by Josué Robert (1691–1771). After Robert’s death the firm was renamed as Josué Robert & Fils, and was guided by Louis Benjamin Robert (1732–1781). They mainly produced big clockworks, but as Benjamin’s son-in-law, Louis Courvoisier became a companion, they made pocket watches. When Louis Benjamin died, Louis Courvoisier became a manager oft he firm. From 1787 to 1795 the firm was called J. Robert & Fils, Courvoisier. From 1795 to 1805 it was renamed Robert & Courvoisier. Since 1805 the firm’s name is Robert, Courvoisier & Cie., with Philip Grandjean as a partner. In 1852 it became Courvoisier Frères. The firm continued under the direction of various members of the Courvoisier until the 1930’s.