Flowers, insects, no toad by Marjolein van Haasteren
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Flowers, insects, no toad 2020

Marjolein van Haasteren

120 ⨯ 135 cm
€ 3.825

Morren Galleries Utrecht

  • About the artist

    Marjolein van Haasteren (1967) works with the external manifestations of nature. Her paintings are fiction-filling landscapes, without human presence. 'In transparent layers I am looking for the landscape form, on the border of figuration, abstraction and romance. Partly due to the cinematic atmosphere, the paintings evoke universal memories: everyone recognizes the images, nobody knows exactly where or when, "says the artist. The paintings from the Hades project hang at Morren Galleries. These show a selection of stories from the underworld and have elements that are reminiscent of Jugendstil and Romanticism, executed with a loose hand and clean lines. The beginning of the project involves the Greek underworld. A dark world with swamps, fields and rivers. Two of these underworld rivers are the Lethe and Mnemosyne. If you drink from the Lethe you will forget your former life, with the Mnemosyne you will remember your life. 'I like the idea of ​​choice. These rivers are therefore the subject of a series of works in which I move both below and above the surface of the water, "according to the artist. Water is a recurring element for Marjolein van Haasteren. As a painter she moves both below and above the surface of the water. With mythology as the starting point, her oeuvre remains evocative, without being narrative. EDUCATION 1988 - 1993 Royal Academy of Art The Hague (KABK)

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