Diptych by Ropp Schouten
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Diptych 2020

Ropp Schouten

55 ⨯ 110 cm
€ 2.000

WTC The Hague Art Gallery

  • About the artist

    Ropp Schouten makes geometric abstract paintings with an accurate hand. They are painted layer by layer with acrylic or oil paint. The works are made by playing and sketching with old forms such as; the square, the circle and the triangle. The composition of these forms can lead to a harmonious whole and can manifest itself in painting, print, wall painting or sculpture.

    The depicted has origins in symbolisms, color concepts and / or elements that already contain themselves in nature and human beings. The primordial of forms is the connecting and still current tendency to be recognized.

    Schouten, born in 1978 in Vlaardingen (NL), lives and works in Rotterdam.

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