The wave messing by Linda Verkaaik
The wave messing by Linda Verkaaik
The wave messing by Linda Verkaaik
The wave messing by Linda Verkaaik

The wave messing 2010 - 2020

Linda Verkaaik

20 cm
€ 950

Galerie Bianca Landgraaf

  • About the artwork
    If you like the style of this work of art, you can also inquire via the request field about the possibility of having a work of art made by the artist Linda Verkaaik.

    Als u de stijl van dit kunstwerk u bevalt vindt dan kunt u via het aanvraag veld informeren naar de mogelijkheid om een kunstwerk in opdracht te katen maken door de kunstenares Linda Verkaaik.
  • About the artist

    Linda Verkaaik was educated at the Academy of Visual Arts in Utrecht and subsequently at the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam. The versatile themes in the work of this designer not only show a vast field of expertise, but also show a range of intensive, creative research.

    Afraid of fashion, Linda Verkaaik developed her own expressive style. In an almost painterly way she interweaves metal, glass and mosaic into spatial images that envelop or elevate the viewer.

    This creates unorthodox solutions for the interpretation of our living environment. Color and ornament are indispensable in her objects. In addition to the landscape projects that she carried out in the context of the Oerol festival (Terschelling), her permanent monumental creations can be seen in many places in the Netherlands.

    From small bronze medals, to large autonomous statues and architectural furniture in public space. From land art to film and light projections. She is always looking for ways to connect materials, skills, people and the way nature manifests itself in her work.

    “In public space I make images with a function, benches with a story. Function in an image is the temptation, the handle. It gives meaning: being able to grab it, feel it, taste it, get away with it...feeling enveloped...seeking comfort, touching and being touched. Then the image comes to life, people start to use it, connect with it and it becomes the identity of a place to live or stay. In this way I try to take the viewer along in that story.

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