Witte Kathedraal I by Monique Muylaert
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Witte Kathedraal I 2000 - 2018

Monique Muylaert

85 ⨯ 52 cm
€ 2.900

Galerie Bianca Landgraaf

  • About the artist

    Monique Muylaert scratches drawings in the damp clay plate. Thanks to the very fine type of clay, she can work very precisely, but more importantly, because of the plasticity of the material, she can also expand in three-dimensionality. Already in her earliest reliefs she made use of wavy lines, in which she often left vague prints with pieces of lace. Gradually these carefully applied level differences evolved into quasi transparent porcelain constructions that seem to float above the relief. In recent works she places thin porcelain rods criss-cross over each other. These porcelain grids then form the invariable, the starting point from which life unfolds, freed from norms and duties. Chaos reigns around the tight grid. They are contrasting scenes in which a balance is sought between the compulsive and the impulsive. Various panels are often merged into one streamlined large relief. This is also the case in her new series 'Tormade'. It is the depiction of a swirling wind. Wavy lines through a fragile landscape, sometimes threatening, other times inviting, with Monique Muylaert everything revolves around a world in which balance and tranquillity are sought, but in which chaos and noise have also conquered a place.

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