Schaapje by Coba Koster
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Schaapje 2000 - 2020

Coba Koster

16 cm
€ 1.100

Morren Galleries Utrecht

  • About the artist

    Coba Koster (1951) is a sculptor and mainly creates sculptures of animals. She moulds them from clay often without frills and adornments. She has a great love for animals and especially for birds. This is also reflected in a beautiful series, large chickens, ducks and geese.But she also likes to model smaller birds like the hoopoe and the wren. 

     Nowadays she also makes mammals in bronze. Although Coba Koster's sculptures express a sense of liveliness, it is certainly not her aim to make biologically perfect likenesses. By leaving her fingerprints on her creations, she represents an animal world that is more than a blueprint of reality.


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