the soul xi by William Malucu
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the soul xi 2010 - 2020

William Malucu

200 ⨯ 100 cm
€ 3.190


  • About the artist

    William Malucu was born in Pilar, Alagoas, 1975. He is a contemporary painter, working and living in the popular coastal town of Fortaleza, Brazil. The nightlife, the view on the Atlantic ocean, combined with the inspiring classical music of Mahler and Bach playing in the background form the ideal working conditions for Malucu. In his own zone of concentration, he achieves to translate his colourful experience of the world onto canvas into communicating depictions. Because he uses brushes as well as his own hands in this, he surprises us with purity each and every time. Constantly searching for new perspectives and substances, he works with a range of materials from gold leaf to old newspapers.

    The many layers in his work provide a sense of depth, literally and figuratively. Thus, ‘Every material becomes art in my hands’, is a quote of Malucu himself. Greatly inspired by the street art from Rio de Janeiro, he became an apprentice of Luiz Ernesto, who taught him the use of various techniques and materials. With great enthusiasm he developed his talents into a style of his own. After a collaboration with many galleries, he achieved to find his own style. After his daring plunge into the European art market, Malucu became one of the most popular contemporary abstract artists.

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